The Laundry Hamper

“Oh, the media loves the story of how we got started,” Bradley said at a pause on the trail, an airy laugh, and he continued, “It all started with a tinder date…”


Unfortunately for Bradley, he fell in love with climbing, and not the girl. But it definitely panned out for the rest of the climbing community, because in one failed belaytionship, Boulder Denim was born.


photo by Levi Harrel

photo by Levi Harrel

“We actually met at a Spaghetti Factory,” Taz reminisced, talking about a tiny idea that immediately spiraled into a project, that soon became a business plan. Just as quickly as the two became friends, business partners, and boulder brothers, they are also willing to accept anyone into their little climbing family. For myself, that consisted of meeting on a steep hike, modeling the new apparel in some less fortunate weather conditions, and cuddling up with one lovable pup…how could I not want to be a part of the Canadian Climber Coalition? So please, for the sake of a good pun, pretend I said something clever about meeting up on the Flat Irons in Boulder press, creased, cuffed, keep it clean.


The upcoming line for Boulder Denim has much to be anticipated, between a variety of washes and shades for fabrics, a new jogger, and women’s pants that have pockets you can actually fit your hands in…these boys paid attention to what their consumers wanted, and put their money where their mouth is. Even on set with demo products, they were still reviewing and revising what they wanted, “That tag is just a little wide, before they go into production let’s have them shorten it about a quarter inch,” and forever asking questions about the fit, the feel, the aesthetic…it’s more than apparent that they genuinely cared about the customers opinion not only for sales purposes, but because they wanted a product that would meet their needs. Humility is an understatement for these guys, in business, in practice, and in conversation.


“Everyone always asks our favorite place to travel,” Bradley laughed, and the twenty questions began.


q.     Favorite place for food?

a.   Chicago, or New York. The Pizza is everything they say!

q.     Place of most culture shock?

a.     Texas, no one really had accents.

q.     Favorite Route you’ve climbed?

a.     Maybe a 10b in Indian Creek? It wasn’t crazy challenging, but it was just a lot of fun.

q.     Place that felt most like home?

a.     Colorado, literally everywhere is immediately welcoming.

q.     What you’re most looking forward to?

a.     Well, currently all I can think of is the new release party! (Be sure to sign up to win a FREE PAIR!)


Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, add modeling to their resume. Taz, a frequent stand in for their website, was just completely in his element. I would have never guessed he was new to the game if he hadn’t mentioned, “I think I’m getting better than when we first started!” as Bradley adjusted the settings on his camera, there is literally no part of this company that these guys don’t manage themselves. But don’t think that they’re one trick ponies, the tables turned when Taz began recording, and Bradley stepped into the ladies jeans for a good giggle.


So, if you’re looking to step into a pair of Boulder Denim yourself, look for or book the AirStream  at your local gym and be sure to sign up to win a free pair!


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Stay Positive.


KariDane Matlock