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Have you ever just felt the universe telling you to just do it? Whether your 'it' is something simple, bold, or completely life changing...just go for it. I've never felt God's voice louder than I do now, but it's like when a speaker blows out, and I just hope that I'm hearing him right. 

Wild Honey sweatshirt by IndyBrand Clothing

Wild Honey sweatshirt by IndyBrand Clothing

Up to this point, blogging, modeling and photography, and just general information has all been very personal. This has kind of been a diary source in my failure at launching, and I never really thought it would make an impact or really help anyone/go anywhere/be anything. Even though I get a lot of feedback on my posts about depression (mostly instagram, go to the polaroids link to follow me!) I never realized how many people I'm in communication with daily/weekly/monthly because of it. Give or take on how much the other party is needing contact. But as of late, the idea has been suggested to me that my posts over products and their functions, reviews if you will, are actually useful to the people who check my page out. As well as my opinions on subjects such as women's gear, social interactions, and gym courtesy are not only valid, but slightly entertaining. You are so welcome.

I'll always be personal, and always will write things here more like a conversation than a news piece, but I think it's time I took the plunge and started branching out. So, fingers crossed on this next endeavor that I actually can make some sort of impact on the outdoor community. So, from here on out, expect some newer pieces like my post about closet capsuling, as well as I'd love to discuss topics this little community is interested in! That means feel free to message me via my contact link, instagram, or most definitely in person!

Anywho, this was just a quick little update to say that I will be consistently posting again, I am still on the road to vanlife, and somewhat creating work out of something I love, so I hope you enjoy it! Cheers.


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Stay Positive.


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