Resolutions, 2018.

Each year I try to focus on 10 different goals.

  1. Religion

  2. Finances

  3. Emotional Wellness

  4. Physical Wellness

  5. Environment

  6. Community

  7. Family

  8. Friends

  9. Dog

  10. Self Love

Last year, I was starting over from rock bottom. So I kept things simple, I managed to pray every day, simply by thanking God for each day as I woke, blessing each meal, and praying for a better tomorrow before bed. This year, I'd like to work on my outreach. While I've always had an approachable nature, I've always let people come to me. So, this year I'd like to improve my outreach by openly baiting, and always sticking to Give God the Glory.

In the past year, I've also struggled a lot with medical bills. Since October of 2016, I've had eight different surgeries, half of which medical insurance decided were superficial (because scar tissue that causes immense pain as a result of a voluntary procedure was the plan....HA.) So, getting on top of that, I've found something I'd really like to invest in. More to come on that later.

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I made it to a four year mark of emotional wellness after a suicide attempt, and totally tanked during some hardships. Developed a bad habit of extreme food control, self detrimental exercise, and a general lack of concern for physical harm. So, starting over is ok. This year, I'm working on talking about things when they hurt. Not letting them build, and being the most authentic me possible.

Physically, of course is climbing goals. I wanted to be able to climb 5.12's outdoor, nailed it. I wanted to boulder at least v4, surpassed it. So this year, setting the barre high. I want to attempt, just touch even, a 5.12c lead, and send a v6. I would like travel wise at least one outdoor trip a month. Even if it's solo. Planning big things.

Environment is going to be a super easy resolution to set, super hard goal to achieve. But, banning together with the rest of the nation, after Trump has reduced the size of National Monuments, I want to help right this injustice. That's all. Just protecting the world we are given. Simple as that.

Which, starts at the community. So this resolution is going to tie together with the last, but I would like to start a group that once a month gathers and cleans up a park, a reservation, or refurbishes trails. Volunteer based, so people who truly care about the community.

Seventh, getting to my love for people, which was taught to me by my family. We're more scattered across the country than ever, and it's getting harder to stay in contact. So, my goal for my family is once a week to call each member, send the best birthday/holiday gifts I've ever sent, and be more present with them.

Friendwise is a little more personal than that, I'd like to surround myself with positive people this year. I've been growing this little tribe of people who are always there for me, and I want my tribe to be more like them. The people who fall off need to be let go, you can't make people stay, and I need to learn to accept that. 

Dog is getting a resolution set for him, by the end of the year he is going to be able to make it a full mile on our walks before he breaks. He's tiny, getting older, and he's a tough little poochie! I want to get more experiences with Theodore, I feel like I worry too much over if he'll be ok where I go that I don't give him the chance. He's my little mountain man, and I need to trust him.

And finally, self love. The fact that I forgot myself until the end is a resolution, I need to start considering myself. Being ok with saying NO, and not sacrificing my own happiness for others comfort. Self Love is going to stop being last.

Here's to 2018, cheers.


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Stay Positive.


KariDane Matlock