Cabin Fever

photo by @ofallnationsphotography

photo by @ofallnationsphotography

A few days ago I began experiencing some severe symptoms in a matter of hours. It took a couple of days, but after a few tests and diagnosis’s, I discovered I had an autoimmune disease, some kidney and uterine infections. I tried to be as open and honest with my internet community as possible, while maintaining my own privacy, as I’d like my lady parts remain off the internet.

So, in a time of fear, I did what most of the planet would, I turned to my faith. i reposted a quote, and was lit up by offended followers. How dare I say such things, which technically i only quoted but no one was curious about the tagged author, I got hate mail for even being christian. You just can’t win with the internet.

I began receiving many messages, despite my very public broadcast of being extremely ill, pressuring me to post more adventurous photos, asking me if I could go and take photo’s for products and companies (unpaid mind you), and basically making me feel worse that I was confined to my bed. Three day’s of not even walking around, and I was getting antsy, and the messages were getting worse. Until, I finally snapped at literally anyone and everyone expecting me to socialize. I didn’t even hardly have the energy to say thank you to the supporting people, I certainly didn’t want to worry with the haters.

and this was only in a week.

I’m just saddened in general the lack of respect, so for thought’s and such as recovery begins today, (as I’m sure I’ll have a few #$@%$^&%^* to say as I’m forcing myself to try and get outdoors again even though it hurts) please refer yourself here, where my thoughts are my own, and yours remain your own.

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Stay Positive.


KariDane Matlock