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photo by @natebutlerfilms

photo by @natebutlerfilms

aside from halloween, october is well known for being breast cancer awareness month, and everything turns pink. while i believe it is wonderful to be aware of how many are suffering from this disease, i think it’s more important to know the early signs, possible aids in prevention, and methods of early detection. as it could just very well be something that saves your life.

breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in women, and is the second leading cause of cancer death amongst women. that means of the projected 1,800,000 americans diagnosed with cancer this year, over 250,000 of them will be women with breast cancer, and it is estimated that 40, 500 of those will die from it. while we can’t completely eliminate those numbers, we can significantly reduce them by knowing our odds and taking measures to protect ourselves.

  1. self examination

    • my best friend, a breast cancer survivor and boss *ss babe, promotes this thing she calls #feelitonthefirst. you are with yourself every d*mned day, you yourself are your earliest detective. majority of men and women who find a lump discover it by chance; in the shower, getting dressed, something random, not because they were checking themselves out. i love that hannah encourages others to feel around and take note of themselves at least once a month. because your body may not change rapidly, but a month is a significant amount of time to see if something is getting better or worse.

    • most men and women don’t grab their boobies once a month, if ever at all. honestly, most people just don’t because they just don’t know how or what they’re looking for, or they’re embarrassed. ((personal opinion: idgaf if you feel weird about it, take one shower that’s a little extra long to have some privacy to touch yourself, if you can do it to masturbate you can do it to make sure you stay alive and well!)) for which, i am including a link here for a chart of how to measure changes in your body. so if you don’t know, now you know. click!

  2. genome testing

    • this was one i did not know was a thing until i hosted my first prevention clinic with the women of colorado last year. we had a survivor speaker who was recovering from a double mastectomy after taking a genetic test and discovering she had a gene that raised her chances into the 90th percentile. after having her breasts removed, her chances of contracting breast cancer were reduced to under 2%. that is insanity! so, if you have a history and a doctor available, perhaps look into getting tested.

  3. regular screenings

    • speaking of doctors, how often do you get your physical and yearly exam? for the ladies, i know it is an absolute pain because you have to get a pap, but ask your doctor about adding a mammogram on too. getting your titties squished kind of hurts, but it’s for a few minutes once or twice a year as opposed to the aches of chemo and radiation 6-8 weeks or more. please, for the love of cheese its, just ask your doctor if it’s something you should consider.

  4. daily health

    • we don’t know the exact causes of cancer, plain and simple. but we do know that the stronger your body is, the better chances it has of fighting it off. like, obviously smoking makes weak lungs, and is related to lung cancer, so let’s try to not, ok? eat well, allow yourself the junk but not all the time everyday, exercise at least a little everyday, and be aware of what’s happening inside and out. again, you are with yourself everyday, you know you best. so, take care of this one vessel you’re given so if (heaven forbid) you ever are a warrior against this disease, you’ve given yourself your best odds.

  5. stay educated

    • medical advancements and technologies are improving literally every day, so you won’t ever be able to know everything, but keep up with what’s benefiting you and what’s not. don’t go psycho and subscribe to every medical blog you can find, but when you go to the doc, ask what’s good.

i know this wasn’t an outdoor post, more of a psa, but you know what? f*ck it. make it the best years of your life. free the nips on the mountain tops and take pics this month, tag me, idc, do what’s good for your body and your soul. and as always,

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