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the best way to cook at the camp site (when a port-a-stove is available) in my personal opinion, is by eating real food. no offense to MRE’s, but i will take pasta and meatballs over ramen flavored rice anyday. i mean, even dehydrated fruits with some boxed almond milk in the morning is more refreshing than a tiny jelly filled granola bar.

my favorite means of cooking at camp being the, “hobo meal,” or a packed meal in either foil/plastic wear consisting of some sort of protein wrapped with vegetables or fruits and seasoning. it’s so simple because The entire pack is cooked right on the stove or over a fire for a meal that has minimal waste. Here are my top three quickest recipes!

  • breakfast

    • morning oats!

      • ok, oats are pretty self explanatory, but not the way my gran made them! credit this recipe to lillian helen bolin, and please enjoy a tradition from my family to yours!

    • ingredients

      • 4 c. oatmeal

      • 1/4 c. brown sugar

      • 1/4 c. walnuts and pistachios (or your nut of choice!)

      • 1/2 c. raisins (or other dried fruit)

      • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

    • instructions

      • Mix all ingredients in a large plastic bag.

      • place mixture in a heatproof plastic bowl and cover with boiling water. Top with yogurt or granola and dig in!

  • Lunch

    • the trash pot, or hot mess skillet

      • this is probably my favorite of all meals, because it’s literally just anything and everything you have. so it’s perfect when you’re ballin’ on a budget!

    • ingredients

      • veggies

        • peppers, squash, carrots, tomatoes, onions, etc.

      • potatoes

      • meat of choice

        • sausage is a great recommendation for this one, because it can double as a jerky type snack, and isn’t a drippy or messy meat!

      • seasoning

        • you can get fancy with different seasonings, or keep it as simple as cracked pepper! you genuinely have to try very hard to f*ck this dish up.

    • instructions

      • dice your veggies and potatoes, cut your meats, place it in your foil wrap and season! i like to toss it a little, like shake’n’bake to get everything coated.

      • put it over the stove or the campfire until it reaches desired texture!

  • dinner

    • grilled avocado with poached eggs

      • if you’re bringing a cooler, this one is bomb.

    • ingredients

      • avocado

      • eggs

      • tortillas

      • salsa

    • instructions

      • grill your cado’s until they have that nice little char line, and the texture is smooth throughout

      • poach your eggs in either a plastic baggy, or one of those cute mini mason jars

      • load ‘em up on your tortilla and add salsa!

seriously, how simple are those? it’s not rocket science, when you’re tired after a full day hiking/climbing/boarding and you just want a good home cooked meal to toss it together. but, i get it, not everyone is patient enough to prep ahead of time, and more power to you mush eating warriors! however, i think i’ll stick to the foods that don’t totally wreck my bowels.

try them out and let me know what you think, or send me some of your favorite recipes for me to sample! desserts are my favorite!

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