foundation check


when i was an active yoga instructor, i would tell my classes to check their foundations. in a physical sense, this meant where they were grounding their feet, what muscles were engaging, and how they were moving…but, as a hippy-dippy yogi, they also knew to revert back to the lesson i was teaching morally. where was their head game? what were they thinking about while they moved? were they focused or just going through the motions?

in the past year, i’ve archived all previous and personal entries to start over with something more meaningful. what i found was that when it comes to mental health, the foundation you establish is vitally important to the life you build. out of all the products i’ve reviewed, every place i’ve been blessed to visit, the one common factor that determined how much i loved/hated what i was writing about was where my head was at.

with that in mind, here are my tips to staying positive:

  • get outside.

    • rain or shine, get out there. don’t be afraid to change plans, some of the funnest experiences i can say i’ve personally had were the biggest failures when it came to outdoor adventures. between getting lost for hours on the oregon trail; sprinting down my first 14er in a hail storm; or a first date (not) climbing in the flat irons because of snow, the best memories i have were the ones that were most definitely not according to plan.

  • eat well.

    • even when you don’t feel like it because it’s hot outside, or you’re upset, eat something. pack sustainable substantial meals, not just a few granola bars. i have a hard time eating when i’m out doing things, but trust, you’ll feel so much better if you do more than nibble here and there. (see the next blog for some easy hobo meals and camp food!)

  • be fearless

    • whether you’re in a group, or on your own, expect to have some time to get lost in your thoughts. the only way to get through a trial/tribulation/emotion is to go through it, unfortunately. but when it comes to healing and growth, you can be sore or you can be sorry, and the same is to say for the heart as well. because, i mean, because it’s just a muscle anyway, right? so be unafraid to tell someone you need a moment, or to take a moment for yourself. cry, scream, run until you puke, do what you feel you need to.

when you don’t feel that you’re in a place to talk to someone, or if professional help isn’t an option for you, the outdoors are there. you may even just walk around a park feeling sorry for yourself, but it’s something. hang in there, because the moments you pull up for the top when you most want to let go are the most gratifying, i guarantee it.


stay positive,


KariDane Matlock