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i loved the supplements by live relentless, personally. while i’ve never really been a big vitamin and shake person, because i never really benefited enough from them, i can definitely say i noticed a difference in my soreness and recovery day to day!

my attitude toward training has been so much more positive after starting my day with the focus. rather than feeling tired and kind of grumpy, i’ve been more determined and genuinely attentive to my schedule. i usually get rather bored with plans and wind up doing too much at once, and being so sore i can’t move the next day, but aside from getting me past the mid day slump, taking the focus has helped me refrain from doing too much.

i had to figure out my BOD and EOD wellness packs verses my meal times, because i have such a sensitive system. once i got down that about half an hour after eating was prime time, i’ve honestly felt like i am seeing better results in my performance. not to say you can cut out training, because you certainly can’t, but when you recover quicker you can train more frequently and harder, which means faster results. in this day and age, the sooner the better.

it took me a little later to figure out a way to enjoy the meal replacement. i’m a hearty meal kind of woman, and i want something to chew to feel sustained. but, that also means getting full faster, and i need all the help i can get. so, while i was trying to get enough on my stomach that the vitamins didn’t make me queasy, i experimented with the maple meal replacement. believe it or not, but i, the girl who will eat rainbow chip frosting right of jar, couldn’t handle how sweet it was on its own. however, my mama may not have raised a genius, but she didn’t raise no b*tch neither. so, i refused to wuss out on it, and i tried it as a coffee creamer and mixed in oatmeal and son of a f*ck, game changer. So, now that I actually AM getting enough caloric value in my diet, I can savor the flavor, and hopefully that’ll make me big and beefy someday.

the pre-workout is my new go-go-juice. I mix myself a bottle, drink half before my workout and get the zoomies to climb all the things, and drink the other half after to put the pep back in my step. Other pre’s I’ve taken before have made me insanely itchy, tingly, or my skin gets blotchy, because I’m sensitive to niacin. I don’t have any BP issues, so it’s not really something I’ve conditioned myself to.

however, with the daily wellness with b3, i have had no sensitivity, and love the orange cream flavor! while i’ve never had blood pressure problems, if i don’t get rid all the energy from the pre-workout, the daily wellness helps to balance my fluttering heart so i can chill. aside from having 20+ essential vitamins and minerals, nutrients, 5 billion CFU of probiotics, and 9 digestive enzymes, there’s nothing artificial and it doesn’t even need water. while it mellows me after the pre, its also great for digestion and gut health, and over all support for your immune system. (shout out to my lupus squad!)

overall, i really am enjoying jumping on the supplement bandwagon. live relentless, you have converted me. you can join us too, here!

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stay positive,


KariDane Matlock