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recently, across media there have been a ton of good samaritans picking up garbage and tossing full bags into the proper waste bins and sorting recycling. which is awesome, to a point. 

what would be the ideal set up, is if there weren’t anything for the people to pick up at all and post on instagram/twitter/facebook. because then people would just be responsible and pick up after themselves, like adults. however, not all are so environmentally conscious. 

at this point, there is more plastic than fish in the sea, and i kind of doubt there is some secluded part of the world that man has genuinely not touched. which means we need to be all the more proactive in owning our duties to mother earth to preserve her. it’s like being a, “good,” person, you don’t have to go out of your way to be nice, just simply don’t be a jerk. likewise, you don’t have to spend an entire day hiking and collecting junk (though it would be really cool if you did), you can just crush the beer cans you brought in and not leave them out in the wilderness. it’s seriously so easy, it’s literally lighter than when you brought it in. 

but what about those moments when nature calls? 

pack your sh*t out means even your literal sh*t, and yes, that includes your dogs too. bagging it and leaving the baggy does literally nothing, if not worse, than just leaving/burying it. you brought poo bags for a reason, if you’re that worried about it, then bring a discreet waste bag to tuck all the bags in. they’re like a dollar from outdoor supply stores and are super sturdy so that you don’t have an embarrassing incident on the hike out. 

so let’s all be good boys and girls and just leave no trace, because it leaves a bigger impact on the world to be virtually nonexistent than to be that housemate/earthmate who leaves the place like a pig sty. 

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stay positive,


KariDane Matlock