skin farming


don’t worry, it’s only half as gross as it sounds. but the human body never ceases to be as disgusting as is it is fascinating.

when you climb for days at end, that seem to have no end, the little piggies tend to take a beating, instead of a single day to let muscles recoup, two or three are required for skin to grow back to cover the abuse. when you could be back on rocks or at least pulling on plastic, do you find yourself taking a day to lift, do yoga and calisthenics, or maybe so angry that your dermis is insubordinate that you run…for fun?

(sorry for all my runners, I actually really enjoy cardio, I’m just terrible at it!)

with many products on the market, all guaranteeing immediate results, it can be a frustrating task to find something that actually works…or rather, being properly educated on how to use it when the labels are all ingredients with names you may or may not be able to pronounce. between using salves and antihydrals, sweaty palms and peeling tips, there seems to be a single intermediate day of perfect climbing conditions if you’re lucky.

Farming Froggy Fresh Fingers

  • On average, it takes about a month for a new layer of skin to grow. Here are three tricks to speed the process up:

    • Take a f*ck load of vitamin D

      • Sure, essentially you’ll, “pee out the excess,” but when your body is depleted or has an area in need, it will do what it needs to heal…like hold onto a little extra vitamin! You can find 1000 mg vitamin D pills at basically any and every local grocer/pharmacy/gas station. Or sit outside like a little plant and hope to absorb as much as possible and synthesize some skin.

    • Marinate in Moisturizer

      • This one is a tad odd, but it’s great if you have any open booboo’s. Just the same as after a facial, you can soak your hands in salve or moisturizer. Personally, the day before rest day I like to use my Rino Repair in reusable non-latex gloves for a few hours, and then some SandBar Salve before bed, and use my rest day to let my hands heal and dry back out.

    • Stuff your Face

      • Eating foods high in fats help your body replen itself; such as avocados, fish, walnuts and sweet potatoes. Because to create something new, your body needs fuel, and input/output makes a difference. Like staying hydrated, so chug some water to wash down all those ‘cados.

Next time your skin is thrashed, eat some nuts, get some D, and take it easy. You’re body was made to thrive!

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stay positive,


KariDane Matlock