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Ever asked someone to spot you? Because you might fall for them?! Hopefully, that someone you’ve, “held,” onto!

When you and your person are into the same hobbies, it can be challenging to do new things to spice up your variety. Not that being goal oriented towards a common theme is boring, but it does make anything special a little harder to make significant. So, for all my climber couples reading this, here are five activities that are not climbing…but will still help improve your skills together!

  • Hiking

    • Don’t worry about doing a 14’er or getting to the top. After listening to Angela Payne in Lander at the Climber’s Festival last year, her motto of #keeplooking has inspired this number. A simple nature walk is not only easy bonding time to chat, but a rare opportunity to find something new even in your own backyard! Rain/snow/sunshine, just get out there and make a game of it, like advanced eye-spy!


  • Skating

    • Whether on ice or at the roller rink, skating offers a space to just be goofy together! Chances are, you’ll fall a few times; maybe on your bottom, maybe in love, maybe even into your partners arms on purpose…Or, if one of you is experienced you can be that cute couple holding hands teaching your partner.


  • Dancing

    • Even if it’s to the beat of your own drum; actually to the music; or to no music at all; Dancing creates room for self expression, group exercise, and an easy excuse to get up close and personal with your honey! Romantic or silly, dancing at the club or at home, you can make it all your own.


  • AcroYoga

    • Aside from the fact that you are lifting, pushing, pressing, staying connected, you and your partner really get to understand one another. You figure out how someone communicates, gives and takes direction, and how they handle failure, because trust, there will be plenty of that. But there will be many giggles, and lots of success to follow!


  • Partner Climbs

    • Ok, so this one is climbing. But come on, you both enjoy it! So, why not do it together? Literally. Most gyms set couples climbs around Valentines Day, or if you’d rather be outside, find a simple boulder and establish a couples climb of your own! Maybe work on your belaytionshio and get on some sport or trad. Just remember, don’t get frustrated with yourself or your partner, you both are sharing something you love!

      HAVE FUN

This Valentines Day, skip the commercial crap, take time to do something together that let’s your partner know you appreciate their passions and all that they put up with, something that says, “I love you,” not just for one day, but all the days that you’re too tired to go out, too busy to talk, and especially the days you are together. Hold onto that special someone, and never let go, Jack!

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Stay Positive,


KariDane Matlock