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Split fingers are seriously the worst.

It’s not only annoyingly painful, because it’s just enough that you notice but not enough to call mom, but until they heal you just do regular boring workouts and watch all your friends climbing your proj. Not to mention it’s a vicious cycle; you let one heal, then your epidermis has gotten soft and aches, and when it starts to toughen up again, you rip skin. I genuinely believe the battle with skincare in the climbing community outweighs the struggle of muscle aches and workouts any day, because I’ll climb when my muscles are a little sore, but as soon as my skin hurts my session is over.


So, prevention of splits; flappers; and blisters is key in maintaining functionally-callused skin. While filing and trimming is a great start, unfortunately it does not fix thirsty skin that’s begging for hydration. But lotions and oils cause your hands to overproduce, sweat, and just get downright greasy…so what’s a little dirtbag to do? SALVES.


SandBar HandCare has created a salve-in-a-stick that is not only healing and smells delicious, but it’s super simple to apply. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s break it down one step at a time, shall we?


Personally, I am a fan of the organic route, I don’t really like the idea of environmentally harmful products. Plus, when something is natural it tends to have a fabulous scent, you know, like MERINGUE. Allow me to reiterate that one to you; SandBar Salve is made with meringue. That’s right, think about the way those sweet and savory cookies smell fresh out of oven for just a second…moving on. It has no skin softeners, so you won’t have to take a few days in between applications, it was literally formulated specifically for dry, damaged, down-and-dirty hands. Say goodbye to rope burn, scrapes from punching holds, and any little cracks and tears from dehydrants!


It’s designed to just slip into your pocket, chalk pot, or day bag, so you can take it literally anywhere. Because of it’s simple tube form, it’s really easy to use. Just use your SandBar to file away the snags and excess, wash your grimy little mitts, and roll it on like chap stick for your skin. (Did I mention that because it’s organic its great as a lip balm too?) I may, or may not have, I definitely have, tossed one in my bucket; one in my rope bag; and one in my purse to remind me to continuously take care of my skin even away from the crag.


It’s also handmade in small batches, so you know it’s made with care. Aside from a little tender love and care, it will always have a consistent texture, and a real person checking it before it hits packaging. So no manufacturing errors, because someone has personally put in the time and effort for you.


But really though, split fingers are seriously the worst.

So why not do yourself a favor and stop the problem before it starts? Click HERE to nab a bar and get sendy more often this year!

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stay positive,


KariDane Matlock