thrift shop


rule #1 of being dead broke, bargaining and couponing is your biggest asset. so, how does one with a top-notch fashionista background become a bin babe? easy, you know the quality of the purchases you're making.

one man's trash is another man's treasure.

so, here are a few tips to keep you inspired when you're ballin' on a budget.

  1. pay with cash

    • if you don't want to spend over $20, only bring $20. each month thrifts and consignments have specials and deals! like every first sunday of the month blue tags get an extra mark down, or purchase by the pound! check out what your local markets have going on, and don't be afraid to ask!

  2. set a time limit

    • have a problem with the more you look the more you want? give yourself an hour or two, and set your phone alarm! when it goes off, you have to head to the register and check out!

  3. look for basics

    • no one wants to look like they're wearing their grandma's hand-me-downs. so try to find classic staples, most consignment stores will try and arrange their stores in categories. sometimes by size, sometimes by season, and sometimes by color. not sure what you're looking for? i got you boo boo, next blog will be all about closet capsuling.

  4. don't be afraid to hackle

    • i know, i know. i hate arguing prices too, but you won't have to debate at all if you know how to case presentate. pick a few items that meet your standards, and ask if you can get a bundle deal. what's the worst they can say? no? big deal. if you stick to the first rule then no harm, no foul.

  5. make it a date

    • i hated going alone to shop, at first anyway. so, for something fun, my friends and i set challenges, and i even had a fun shopping day with my honey. something fun, like you have $10 and 1 hour to see who gets the best haul, or who can stay under $30, who can get the most authentic vintage, you set the rules!

feel inspired yet? ready to trade in haughty personal service for rolling up your sleeves and bumping elbows with the commoners? seriously, it's kind of like finding the needle in the haystack when you have to hunt for something, you almost kind of value it more because you sort of had to work for it. just find a store and dig in!


Stay Positive,


KariDane Matlock