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photo courtesy of roll recovery

photo courtesy of roll recovery

This post is going to be a little more fact based than opinionated, because I'm insanely biased when it comes to foam rolling...i hate it. it hurts, i know it's good for me, but whyyyyyyyy?! So, as I write this tid bit hoping to help you, just know that I'm glaring over my monitor at my own roller dreading the 30 minutes I'm about to spend practicing what I preach.


Nicole is a babe, she was one of the first people I met when I moved to denver, and immediately taught me the best places to eat, easiest approaches to classic climbs, and some of the nicest people. to say that I trust her with my life is an understatement, because in the climbing community, that's a reality. but you get the picture, so let's get to why you're actually here. ROLL RECOVERY.


We’re just a neighborhood running shop with it’s heart in the mountains!
— Phil, manager of Berkley Park Running CO

I met up with nicole at Berkley park running co. where their manager, phil, was hosting the weekly run club that meets every thursday. officially open for a year, this place that was completely renovated, landscaping and all, by the owners loving hands, is dedicated to ultra trail running. more importantly, the athletes. which is where the rolling portion comes into play. while downstairs is more your immediate needs of visors, hydration packs, and running apparel, upstairs you'll find a quaint little room filled with recovery items. the one we're focusing on today, being roll recovery.


based out of boulder, co, roll recovery has thought of pretty much everything when it comes to at home muscle massage. created by pro runner adriana and her husband jeremy, roll recovery has you covered from massage grade pressure rollers that you don't have to wallow around the ground to use, stretch mats to keep you cosy when you do get down but not dirty, and running apparel with their logo that I can't describe as anything but, "the hands of an angel," after trying the R8 out.

the device itself is super simple to use, it has a clamp that gently squeezes the desired limb, and just as you would with a ground roller, kneads out the little kinks and knots as fascial tissue accumulates. but without the awkward parts where you avoid making eye contact. So, why rolling?

  • Foam rolling improves your movements by increasing your range of motion.

    • when you have higher flexibility within strength, you have less of a risk of getting injured!

  • decreased recovery time.

    • self massage helps flush out lactic acid by increasing blood flow, which supplies fatigues muscles with nutrients!

  • rolling is great for prevention as well as recovery.

    • rolling is great when you want to loosen up tense muscles, but rolling before activity actually improves performance!

and they aren't finished yet, my little birdie told me to expect some new products in the near future, so make like an autobot and rollout!

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stay positive,


KariDane Matlock