hey babes,

My name is Kari Dane Matlock, RYT 200 in the Dallas area. I like to climb rocks, drink coffee, and I do yoga every damn day.

I began my yoga journey in 2011, when I stumbled upon a yoga class offered at a local coffee shop by a crafthouse. i was just so inspired by the community of individuals, and their praise for one another's improvement, as well as my own growing understanding of mind/body connection, that i went back every weekend to participate...and to have morning mimosas with my friends after! 

I loved yoga so much that I started incorporating it into my other activities, and now i am the creator behind vino vinyasa an online ebook made with the intent to enhance attention and integrity in your practice...and to remember that there is always time for a glass of wine with friends. i am also available for online instruction, and travel for workshops or SUP/Hiking classes, detailed information provided here.

now, as a teacher, i hope to encourage others to pursue their passions to “be their best self” by incorporating their activities into a targeted yoga class. because i honestly believe that everyone is truly capable of achieving anything, and absolutely everything. all it takes is just a little faith, a lot of dedication, and if all else fails...bottoms up!


Stay positive.