Frequently Asked Questions

The Cyber Crag

an online guide to rock climbing!

What you will get!

This technique guide not only includes a breakdown of climber movement, but incorporates a fitness regime into your regular climbing schedule to increase power, endurance, and prevent injury.

  • Stability and Endurance Workout
  • Routine to improve stamina
  • Yoga Postures for Strength
  • Yoga Postures for Relief

Do I have to be a climber?

No. These workouts are great for beginners, or those looking for a unique fitness regime.

Do I have to know yoga?

Not a bit, this guide is step by step to begin incorporating yoga into your fitness routine. Whether you already do yoga on a regular basis, or are just looking for something new to add, these postures are targeted toward relief of overused movement, and oppositional strength training.

Is this good for men?

YES! These movements are great for all climbers and yogis! Though are bodies are built different, and some movements will come more naturally than others, all the postures and exercises in this book are gender neutral!

What if I am pregnant?

These workouts are NOT designed as prenatal, even in the yoga section. Please consult your doctor or physician before participating even in the low impact sections.

What grade does this max out?

The exercises in this book are not meant to any particular grade. You do not need to be able to send a 5.14 to participate, nor will you find the content no longer useful after your first v4. This program is designed to prevent injury, work oppositional training, and create a more mindful movement on the wall.