Yes, this is Dog.

Hey, hi, hello, human! 


my name is theodore, i’m ten years old, and a pomeranian who likes the outdoors with my person. i’m going to start my own space here for a little BTS of all our adventures! my human and i are a team, and while my role may seem glamorous, let me tell you, it is some hard work some days!


kd and i have been best friends since i was six weeks old, so you could say i’ve been in business for a fat minute. i’m a service dog, you see, my human sometimes needs my help, so i’m literally always on call. suicidal depression is no joke, and strikes randomly even when my human is happy. so we spend pretty much every second of everyday together, which means i go on the long hauls too.


at first, nature therapy was frightening. i wasn’t sure about her getting into this weird sport where she goes up and down rocks, i don’t really get it, like why do people do that? what do they get out of it? but then, she started to cheer up, and the long hard hikes up mountains weren’t so bad, and when she would start to tie ropes to herself, i would just find a place to watch out for her.  


some nights we stay up watching the stars next to camp fires, other nights it’s freezing and i snuggle close to keep her warm, and a few nights we stay out with little tiny suns to keep trying to get on top of the rocks. but my favorite is the mornings, just before the sun is up, because all the smells are so fresh! did i mention i’m blind? so, the smells are essential. particularly when we’re making breakfast, because that’s when we pack up for the rest of the day!

well, i don’t want to go too into my favorite things, because i have much more to share with you! so, check back in later for my part of our trips!



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stay pawsitive. 



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