hey babes,

my name is kd. i’m in my 28th trip around the sun, and each day discovering the beauty in life. i’ve battled suicidal depression for quite some time now, and through yoga, climbing, and little wilderness therapy, i’ve managed to deal and am on my way to recovery. you may have followed this blog before, when it was more information based, and i hope to continue to provide knowledge for you, but i’d like to get more personal with you.

photo by trey buquoi

photo by trey buquoi

i don't get thoughts out verbally quite like i should, i seriously get anxiety just thinking about communication. so, for the most part of puberty, high school, and college, i kept journals. however, the times changed, and practicing cursive is no longer the norm. i don’t believe it’s even in the curriculum for most american education, sadly, as technology has rapidly taken over.

the upside to this, is the magnitude at which one’s words may impact. while my journals and my thoughts helped me keep my shit together, through instagram/facebook/twitter and even here, i’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful souls who have either helped me in my own battle, or reached out and found counsel in the little a.o.m community.

it’s been a trip, sometimes running on e, sometimes at full blast, but we’ve made it. so, in 2019, i’d like to take this platform as more than products asking for review, more than fitties looking for a quick hiit, more than pretty pictures of some girl, “living the dream,” and, “doing the impossible,” and setting an example of a life that most just scroll through and day dream about, but have no intentions of attempting themselves.i would really be just overwhelmingly grateful to make genuine connections this next year.

Sometimes you need a place for your head, a place for your thoughts, whether it be a physical setting of a serene perch on a log by a stream, or a mental space where you just put your headphones in and ignore everyone around you at the starbucks down the road…and that’s ok.


Stay positive.